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Vitamin B/B-Complex Injections & Fat Burner Shots

The energy and weight loss benefits of B vitamin injections is well known. But did you know that B vitamins act as coenzymes in 100s of different reactions in your body? They also help support collagen production to help make your skin look and feel younger! We offer a couple different strengths, we have a 5,000mg or 10,000mg Hydroxocobalamin and it can be paired with our B complex that is B1 and B6 vitamins.

Need a boost to help with your weight loss? We offer a potent "Fat Burner Shot" that is a combination of B12, MIC and L-carnitine to help boost your weight loss. The MIC stands for Methionine, Inositol and Choline and these help your body metabolize fat that you have worked to break down! The L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps shuttle fat into energy! Of course the B12 gives you the energy to get through your workouts to burn off the fat!

5,000 mg


10,000 mg


Fat Burner



add-on to B12 or

by itself


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is one of the most important substances in our body. It is closely related to vitamin B3. It is found in every cell and is essential for our mitochondria to work properly. In its active form (NAD+) it is able to practice in energy production in the mitochondria and it will go to NADH. It is found in high concentrations in our brain cells, as our brain cells require a lot of energy to process all of our conscience and subconscious thoughts. But, unfortunately as we age the amount of NAD slowly decreases and this can lead to decreased energy and brain fog.

Combined with age, our lifestyles of lack of sleep, alcohol intake and consumption of unhealthy food can help contribute to this decline. Utilizing IVs or intramuscular injection (IM) we can achieve higher levels of NAD to help replenish your NAD stores. Our NAD IVs are 500mg and typically take around 2-3 hours to infuse. Every patient is different, but we recommend a weekly IV and then monthly maintenance. We have patients that have found great benefits for their pain, sleep, mental clarity and anxiety. Once you have an office visit with Charlie we can also prescribe sublingual NAD tablets for daily use to keep your NAD at optimal levels.



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Myers Cocktail IVs

The IV that started it all! Dr. John Myers popularized the IV nutrition field while practicing in Baltimore. He developed this specific IV to help treat his patients who were suffering from: seasonal allergies, migraines, fatigue, asthma, depression, inflammation, etc. His procedure and results were well documented which allowed other doctors to copy his IV and administer it to their patients. This IV is a standard combination of : Magnesium, Calcium, B vitamins and Vitamin C. Giving this IV with this standard protocol in their concentrations is what gives this IV its benefits. Offering this IV we are able to achieve higher concentrations in your body than if taken orally. We offer two types of the Myers cocktail. One has a glutathione and B12 IV push at the end and REQUIRES an office visit and subsequent prescription and the other is just a Myers cocktail IV and does NOT require a presciption.

With Glutathione/B12


Without Glutathione


High Dose Vitamin C IV

Using prescription level IVs, we will order the 20,000mg Vitamin C and Lysine IV that also comes with a B12 and Glutathione IV push at the end to help with anti-oxidant and liver function. Vitamin C is not only great for immune boost, but also helps with collagen production which can help with joint and skin repair. You will need to schedule an office visit to be seen prior to administration of this IV.



Amino Acid And Recovery IV

Utilize the power of amino acids which are the building blocks of all proteins to help you heal and recover faster. With IVs you are able to achieve higher concentrations than if ingested orally and sometimes supplements are broken down by the stomach and not as beneficial as what we intend them to be. This IV is great for weekend warriors, athletes or anyone that wants to supercharge their recovery.



Inner Beauty

A perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to help boost your body's natural production of collagen. With higher concentrations of Biotin we can assist your body in looking younger! We recommend this IV to be paired with any facial or aesthetic services. This does NOT require a prescription and can be scheduled as a walk in service.



Low Dose Vitamin C/Immunity IV

A great way for a quick Immunity boost! This IV does NOT require an office visit or prescription and can be utilized as a walk in service. This combines Vitamin C, Zinc and B vitamins to help your immune system operate at its highest level! Feeling like you're getting a cold? Schedule an immunity boost IV today!



Micronutrient Blood Work

Utilizing cutting edge technology we can draw your blood and 1-2 weeks later receive a report about your deficiencies. What makes this test different is that it's not just a snapshot in time, it is actually a functional assay of how your cells are using vitamins, micronutrients and the health of your immune system. We are able to create custom supplement regimens for your specific needs. Why take vitamins that you may not need? We work with Full Script to offer only high level third party verified supplements that are supplied directly to your door. Want to take the next step in your health? Schedule today to discuss these amazing tests further. It is partialied covered by insurance and we can discuss any co-pays that you may be required to pay.


Varied based on insurance coverage