Restorative infrared light therapy has been gaining popularity recently for its many health benefits. It gained popularity in the 1990s when it was used to grow plants in space. This sparked research into how the infrared light works. It was found to increase energy in human cells by energizing our mitochondria to produce more ATP, the energy molecule of all living cells. There is some evidence that Infrared Light Therapy can promote wound healing, tissue repair, improve hair growth, decrease inflammation, help with sleep, decrease pain, boost immune system and many other common issues. You can read about a study done with Infrared Light Therapy and how it helped with back pain, here.

Schedule an Infrared Light Therapy session in Phoenix, located here in the Biltmore. Each session can be as little as a couple minutes to 20 minutes, as we will cap each session to allow other patients to experience the amazing results for themselves. We have a bluetooth speaker so you can connect your phone and relax, meditate and tune out the world and health yourself. We recommend daily sessions to see best results, but we know some schedules do not allow this so we tell people to aim for 3-4 sessions a week to get maximum results.




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